Reflection, vision, and tenacious actions evolve a community into the greatest version of itself. Created in the field, Living Out Loud tools have proven real-time impact. You are the catalyst for transformation in your community. Become a Living Out Loud facilitator and strengthen your community one member at a time.

Featured Programs

Emergency Medical Card

Personalized Emergency Medical Cards provide the information First Responders need. Hand it out to schools, coaches, babysitters, and keep a copy with you.

Inner Armor

An interactive 3-step process that disarms, protects, and liberates participants. With a reformed sense-of-self, individuals are equipped to embrace challenges as opportunities, and transform their communities.

Life Launch

Life Launch provides direction. By exploring the learner's strength and interests, an inviting future begins to take shape. The next step is to connect individuals to like-minded groups in their communities.


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