Living Out Loud is a client centred organization that educates and empowers participants to become passionate contributors to their community.



Thriving communities committed to the self-discovery, skill development, and meaningful contributions of all it's members.

About Us

I found 'my people'.

As a shy, academic focused high school student I spent my free periods studying. Every day I would unpack my bag on a big table, under a window, at the junction of three long hallways. It so happened that the classroom nearest my table belonged to the special needs students.

As I studied and discreetly observed the activity around me, I noticed a pattern so reliable I began to anticipate it. Every person a student from the special need's classroom engaged with walked away lighter.

The busy teacher always had a moment to listen to Mike talk about the Maple Leaf's recent loss. The self assured 'jocks' softened, including them in their team banter. The 'bullies' unfurrowed their brows. Even the students paralyzed with shyness could not resist returning a discrete half smile when a joyful and uncensored "good morning" rang off in their direction.

These students with 'special needs' effortlessly generated ripples of positivity throughout the school. They did not set out to have this effect on their community, it was their natural gift. I knew then, all those years ago, that my mission would be to promote the unique and powerful impact of these students.

Ten years later, after completing two degrees and finding my husband, I was granted a wish. A wish so big and so rare that I still cannot believe it came true. My husband and I were given a new seat, at a new table, when our first son was born with Down syndrome.

Supporting people with intellectual disabilities to harness their superpower, discover their passions, and impact their community has always been my focus. But Logan's diagnosis has given me a spot 'inside the circle'. I now approach my objective with firsthand appreciation for the barriers to overcome, the urgency to act, and obligation to succeed. Now, I not only advocating for 'my people', but I am also creating a future for my son.